A ride tucked away at the back of Land of the Dragons Griffins Galleon looks from a distance like a smaller pirates ship, however close up it is a very different types of ride!

This rock n tug ride does move side to side like a pirates ship however also gently turns 360 degrees in both directions while rocking from side to side.

This is a family attraction and shouldn’t be thought of as a thrill ride, this is a very gentle ride suitable for the whole family. If you want the better ride on Griffins Galleon sit on the end or as close to the end as you can get, this sends you the full way round and will enhance the ride experience.

With rarely a large queue for the ride, tucked away behind Land of the Dragons be sure you remember to take the trip down there.


Manufacturer: Zierer
6 – 10 feet approx
Year Opened:
On Ride Photo:
Family Adventurer

Guests need to be a minimum height of 0.9 metres to ride Griffins Galleon, guests under 1.2 metres need to be accompanied by an adult. In addition a chest size limit of 51″ applies.

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