Here is some construction from Chessington 2015

January 10th 2015 – Winters Tail is over and work continues in the park, new roof for the hotel entrance from Wanyama Reserve, Bubble Works boats are back off course and the penguins continue.

January 17th 2015 – Work continues in the park, with the Penguin area slowly coming on, Rameses Motors get the Winter check, along with the cars for Jungle Bouncers awaiting the new theme. Dragon’s Fury’s drop and turn are being tested and have been removed with a new wall around the corner for Hocus Pocus Hall being constructed.

7th February 2015

First the car park, the car has been extended for hotel and disabled use now covering two thirds of the main car park.
Once inside the park the wall has now been repaired by Hocus Pocus Hall. Inside Creepy Caves the sand crab has now gone and has been replaced with a snake.

Sea Storm is being put back together for half term. Maintenance around Tiny Truckers and Safari Skyways continue, although looks like heavy machinery has damaged the floor. Penguin Cove is really starting to take shape, with a beach hut house and other scenery. Inside the children’s farm new walkways have been created and the roof in Wanyama Village is now finished.

21st February 2015

So there is about a month left before Chessington opens its doors fully for the 2015 season and there is a lot going on in the park. As always pictures below are taken from public places.

Starting with Penguin Cove which is starting to look fantastic and no doubt will be a great addition for park in 2015, moving round the park Rameses Revenge has had its entrance stripped out completely, with the entrance moving much closer to the ride. Tomb Blaster along with ZUFARI have had updated queue boards added with work also progressing in the Africa area with the re-themed bouncers.

With the North car park open it gave us a chance to look at Dragons Fury which is still in pieces with track on the ground, along to Black Buccaneer which is under going winter maintenance as well as Bubble Works which was going to open for half term. Plenty left to do!

March 2015 – With the park now open Vampire has not yet, with a delay in parts arriving the ride will open late initially on reduced operation. The ride is stationary here as they begin testing.

June 2015 – After incidents at Alton Towers, extra fences have been constructed around the Dragon Falls drop which has been open plan since the ride opened in 1987, with new emergency exit ramps also installed. The Fish and Chip shop is under going a refurbishment and extension.

July 2015 – The new Captains Fish and Chips is close to opening

August 2015 – The fences around Dragon Falls have had warning signs and theme added, Captains Fish and Chips is now open with an addition layer of fence added to the Sea Lion Bay. Photo Bombing has taken over the park, new signs have been installed so be careful when taking selfies near these animals.

October 2015 – Preparation for Howloween is ongoing in the forest area, with the hotel receiving some attention.

November 21st – Close season is now well under way as the park starts to strip back the rides, Tiny Truckers, Buccaneer and Bubbleworks. Carousel and Sea Storm will re-open for Winters Tail. The extension for the new Smokehouse BBQ has also begun.

November 29th – As Winters Tail kicks off work continues on other attractions, including a clean up of the Vampire track and some enhancements happening to the old entrance.

December 27th – Upgrades to the Vampire entrance have been completed, along with a new facia for the Bubbleworks end building. Signs don’t look good for Safari Skyway in 2016 with the queue line being removed.