Here is some construction from Chessington 2005 to 2012

Since 2005 there has been many different construction and de-construction at Chessington, here is a collection of events over the past few years.
March 26th 2005 – Huge news as Rodeo doesn’t open for the 2005 season.

May 26th 2005 – Rodeo continues to leave, Rameses has a motor replaced.

June 16th 2005 – Area around Rodeo now closed off, and the cars have been removed.

August 30th 2005 – Platform still in place, ride expected to be removed over the close season.

April 20th 2006 – Small part of downtime at Chessington with two popular rides having some down periods, however its great to see Chessington having a re-paint of Billy’s Whizzer while the ride is down having its motor replaced.

February 10th 2007 – Chessington Zoo with limited rides open for half term, many rides in the walk area still in pieces, includes Sea Storm, Rattlesnake, and various others.

March 25th 2007 – March 25th – Chessington is now open for 2007, however there are more than the usual problems with ride closures, with four still under going major repairs. All pictured below is Rodeo finally removed from the park, and a few others.

June – October 2007 – Over the course of the months an extension to the Gorilla enclosure was built, all pictures below are dated.

March 2008 – Children’s Zoo being constructed in the new area behind Mexicana, Cadburys Castle is being replaced by Nestle.

Late April/Early May 2008 – Children’s Zoo nears completion, while Dragon’s Fury springs a leak.

October 2008 – Creepy Caves shuts for a week while work is carried out inside.

October 2008 – Creepy Caves shuts for a week while work is carried out inside.

July 2012 – After an unfortunate accident in the Tomb Blaster queue line, the park take actions to change the design in Forbidden Kingdom queues. In addition work is nearly complete on the new water pumps for Sealion Bay.

September 2012 – Alterations to the Forbidden Kingdom queues are now complete.

December 2012 – Close season update as the ride and shops undergo maintenance for 2013. Burger King and Re-fresh are being removed with the Burger Kitchen and Creaky Cafe replacing.