In the brand new Curse of the Lost Tomb maze explorers are encouraged to delve into the secret lost tomb of Genghis Khan. Will all be revealed, or will the cursed tomb claim those who dare to enter? The tomb itself was entertaining enough, much more geared towards the family market than previous mazes the pak had put on.


Younger Adventurers must choose which path they’d like to take past the bewitching tree – will it be a tempting treat or a troublesome trick?

Enchanted fairies and ghostly goblins will guide little explorers on their way, with plenty of tricks and treats suitable for families of all ages. Once again compared to the Hocus Pocus remake of previous years, this probably should have been an extra attraction as oppose to a main one. It was a very simple walk through the woods with a little interaction and sweet at the end. Sadly due to cut backs the parks were experiencing at the end of the season Halloween may have been toned down a bit to much to be a hit like previous years.

Take a look below at the pictures from the event.

Pictures from the event