Another year and another Hocus Pocus Halloween, with this one being the shortest in recent years, running from 20th October to the 31st October, 10am to 8pm. So what big name is on for this year? Well there isn’t one, where previous years Scooby Doo graced us with his presence, and last year a rather shocking Star Wars display (no its not Halloween theme, and was a poor event) this year the park have taken a slightly different look on things, with something new for the guests…

But before the attractions first is to have a look at what the park have done this year with the theme, the outside entrance for the first time has had some theme added, as too just inside the gates after the ticket booths, and it does look really nice, once inside you will notice the smoke over the gates, pumpkin piles everywhere, and the Chessington Shop done up with the smoking pumpkin. None of the tatty run down theme has made a return, and although there’s not as much as previous years, its better spread out, and looks much cleaner.

Although perhaps the park have missed Scooby Doo, there is something new, and very welcome for 2007, and that is Hocus Pocus Hall Bewitched, with the witches now loose in Hocus Pocus Hall, it takes on a slight re-theme for the Halloween event, as the walk through takes on a new dimension.

Going in as you would in Thorpe’s mazes, you link hands with 8-10 people while you enter what is normally the projector room, here you are faced with a head ordinate, which comes alive and starts talking to you. Hands up, this was excellently put together, and the guy acting was top notch, very clever, with excellent movement. You are told there are people alive in the walk through, with extras to pop out and get you, and indeed on entering the effort has been made to add the extra bit of Halloween theme all round the attraction, not only that, there were indeed live actors in the there, which did a great job of jumping out, blending in and indeed, scaring people! This is the smartest move made by the park since Hocus Pocus Halloween began. To go with this, there is also a live set of a witch and cauldron out the front, which again is a great touch. The only down fall to the bewitched, was queue times were slow, and it makes the normal Hocus Pocus Hall seem really, well uneventful. The Hocus Pocus Hall Bewitched is not designed for children under 7. Also pictures from the impressive Vamooshed show, with some night pictures. Better than last year? Oh yes, Star Wars was a dull event, this was Chessington back on form!

Pictures from the event