The year 2000 brought the first new area to Chessington in 5 years, and the new area was Beanoland!

Even to this day many say that Beanoland was the worst land Chessington have, yet, with what must have been plans in mind to focus on families, what better than Beanoland. This is a comic book star that parents and children can relate to, and is unlikely ever to grow old or out of date! Good thing with Beanoland, is that it also opened Chessington up for more shows and characters to make an appearance, that includes shows with both Dennis and Gnasher

Apart from the area, with shops and gifts, there was also two new rides, they were the UK’s first wet wave swinger, Billy’s Whizzer, and a dodgem ride, Roger the Dodger’s Dodgems.

Also in 2000, Action Man Critical Mission was re-named Action Man Training HQ, the Terror Tomb was re-named Forbidden Tomb, and Toy Town Truckers was re-named Tiny Truckers. 2000 also saw Rameses Revenge get a complete make over, with a new re-paint, new restraints, and a new logo. We also saw an end to the excellent themed Toy town Roundabout, which was removed and replaced by the Carousel, which had been up by the North Entrance.

However a big rumor was in circulation for 2001…

Park Map

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Old pictures from this year