The time is here to get up close and personal with some amazing Monkeys and other animals at Chessington, as you take to the trees in AMAZU.

Get close to the real life Monkeys and the other animals as you scale the heights of the AMAZU Treetop Adventure. Suitable for children and adults alike this adventure in the sky is perfect for the family to climb along side the Squirrel Monkeys and get a great view of the AMAZU area, her is what you could see.

AMAZU Treetop Adventure – Adventure for all the family, if you’re below 0.9m in height you will need an adult to climb with you.

Spider Monkey
Saki Monkey
Golden-Headed Lion Tamarins
Bolivian Squirrel Monkey
Geoffroy Marmosets
Military Macaw
Ecuadorian Red Lored Amazon
Giant Wood Rail
Three Banded Armadillo