Here is some construction from Chessington 2018

January 1st – Winter’s Tail and the close season is well underway at Chessington with the 2018 season approaching fast. As we know the big development for 2018 is Land of the Tigers which, is mainly out of sight from the open part of the park. We take a look at some of the construction going on at the park. Black Buccaneer has again been completely stripped down as to has Sea Storm. Gruffalo, Tiny Truckers and the Carousel were all open for the Christmas event. On the log flume, nothing has started on the drop yet which is visible from Mexicana although its expected enclosures will be completed first.

On the zoo side Wanyama Village has all new signs through out, much brighter and modern than before with the Monkeys by the AMAZU entrance getting an extension. Other than that, not a lot is going on!

Video from the park is available on our Close Season/Winters Tail Vlog

February 14th – A trip to Animal Adventures and we can see very little from the Tiger Rock area with the exception of some fences. Broken steps on the building by Scorpion Express and construction over by the hotel highlighted but a nice new sign over the Gruffalo entrance.

March 10th – Annual pass day and the park opens up for the first time as we get to look at the changes for 2018. First are some pictures from Land of the Tiger and Tiger Rock due to open in May, as the area construction continues. New lights in the Vampire Station and some missing head rests caused problems on opening day for Rattlesnake.

March 22th – The park is now open for 2018 as we continue to bring the latest from Land of the Tiger, the area is looking amazing!

April 14th – Only a couple of weeks to go and Land of the Tiger is coming along very quickly. The entrance area and Tigers can be seen in this update as the rock face is also coming along fast ready for the 5th of May opening. Black Buccaneer is still not open at the park however the Hocus Pocus hall sign has now been rebuild and completed.