Another Chessington classic ride and possibly the most under estimated ride at Chessington, that is the Black Buccaneer!

This massive swinging ship may be a fairly common ride, however this one is the largest of its type in the UK and still after all these years really packs a punch. Climb on board in rows of 5, before swinging back and forth at heights of up to 60 feet, which may not look to much from the queue line but this is also a ride that is sunk into the ground and once on board, seems a long way up!

Take note the low height restriction for this ride and act with caution for younger adventurers. There is a single lap bar that doesn’t even come to close to you and this type of ride gives you massive air time (feel of weightlessness) There extensive periods where you feel you’ll come out of your seat, which may scare younger riders.

This is an excellent ride and should not be missed by the younger brave and adult adventurers alike.


Manufacturer: Huss
Height: Up to 60 feet
Time: 2 minutes approx
Year Opened: 1988
On Ride Photo: No
Intensity: Brave Adventures
Previous Names: Smugglers Galleon

Guests need to be a minimum height of 1.0 metres to ride, guests under 1.3 metres must be accompanied by an adult.
Caution: Black Buccaneer is classed as a family ride, but may not be suitable for smaller riders.

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