The Welcoming – Be Chosen new maze for Alton Towers Scarefest 2017!

Halloween is just around the corner and like every year the speculation starts on where the best places to visit for the best scares will be, the obvious answer is all of them however on the theme park front Alton Towers have always had some quality mazes that stick in the mind long after they have gone all of which so far, have been IP free.

So 2017 is here on our first episode of Attractions 15 we spoke about Halloween at the Merlin parks with the big question mark over the fourth maze, the question mark now has a name! In the space of a week everything from SW8 to the fourth maze has been turned on its head with the release of images which links the two, much like the Sanctuary and The Smiler.

So what do we know? Not as much as we would like! However the park have posted this preview of the new maze:

“A mysterious group who worship the woods and the animals that live therein like Gods have been disturbed. Every year they host a festival to celebrate their own interpretation of Halloween – the crossing of the worlds of the living and the dead. For the first time they have allowed outsiders to celebrate with them. But what part will you (‘the outsiders’) play in this ritual? Is this really an initiation?”

That is all we know, with the park linking in the past to the new attraction along with Thorpe Park leaving clues in the Big Top for Derren Brown’s Ghost Train the big question is what are we looking out for? Only time will tell if the park spill more on SW8 before the maze opens or if we will all be kicking ourselves for missing it in the Welcoming, either way we can’t wait for the attraction.

The Maze at the moment is a separate ticket price of £8 with Annual Pass discount expected. Join us on this weeks Attractions 15 episode as we discuss SW8 and the new maze for 2017.