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Adventure Island

Adventure Island is the UK’s number 1 free entrance park, with wrist bands in operation for you to be able to ride the attractions. Located in Southend the park is situated on the sea front, but unlike most sea front fun parks, this does have some great attractions to show off!

The park obviously has the usual facilities, with food and drink available to take away or to seat, and the location is excellent, with a huge beach and pier to keep the family adventurers going! See the 2008 gallery here.

Telephone: 01702 443400

Adventure Island
Sunken Gardens
Western Esplanade
Southend on Sea

Top Rides

 The parks family coaster the Green Scream is one of the first rides you notice on entrance, diving around the limited trees and bushes in the park the ride has a huge capacity once on board the Crocodile train! Standard lift hill start the ride swoops around before heading back to the station usually for a second go.

Manufacturer: Zierer
Height:  45 Feet
Speed: 30mph approx
Height Restriction: 1m

One of the parks thrill rides the Sky Drop does exactly what is says, takes you up to the sky, and drops you back down! Providing great views on the way, the Sky Drop provides good thrills for the thrill hunters!

Manufacturer: Zamperla
Height: 40 feet approx
Height Restriction: 1.2m.

Twist and spin the Vortex is a classic head spinning ride lifting you into the air whilst twisting and turning you round, a dizzy ride to watch and even more so once your on board.

The Scorpion is a less intense version of Vortex, but both are very similar rides. Once boarded this ride and its carts start to spin and swing out at an angle, twisting and turning you along the way. The Tri Star ride is often thought as a retro ride can still prvide the thrills today

Height:15 feet approx

The parks premier most thrilling roller coaster isn’t an ordinary one that you find at smaller parks, but Rage was the first eurofighter ride to hit the UK, with it’s vertical lift hill and vertical drop playing a massive part in making this an intense experience.

Yes it’s a little yellow but the superhero colours take nothing away from this 70 foot beast accompanied by a host of tight twisting track and inversions yet remaining a very smooth and intense ride.

Height: 70 feet approx
Manufacturer: Gerstlauer
Speed: 43mph approx
Height Restriction: 1.2m

Dragon’s Claw may have been overtaken as the most thrilling flat ride at the park, however twisting and turning you upside down. Up and over with the base also spinning means the thrills still very much remain!

Height Restriction: 1.2m


The parks new thrill machine is the Time Machine, it’s not just thrilling but was also built by the park. Spinning riders at fast pact the arms will tilt whilst the seats rotate in this fast paced thrill ride, with your lap bar the only thing to hold on too.

Height Restriction: 1.2m

You can find tickets on the official site, http://www.adventureisland.co.uk/openingtimes.html this is just a link, we are not held responsible for the tickets!

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