Azteca Hotel and Scorpion Express for Chessington in 2014

We knew already about the £5 million upgrade which was going to include Runaway Train and Dragon Falls, well this has now been increased to £14 million mainly to include the parks second hotel which is currently under construction. Although linked to the old Resort hotel “Azteca” hotel comes complete with 69 rooms backing directly onto the park. With views of the also new AMAZU Treetop Adventure where once in the park you will be in with the Monkeys as they climb above you, in the hotel you will also have Piranha tanks and a new water play area.


The Runaway Train looks set to be re-named to the Scorpion Express, located in the also likely re-named Scorpion Valley. Whilst we hoped for a new experience let’s hope the park full off something special with what they have. The website describes it as:

Scorpion Express is a brand new ride experience for 2014 set within Scorpion Valley – a land of sweeping sands and gold mines. Adventurers must board the old train of the Scorpion Express as it’s the only way to cross the sands, ruins of the mines, and abandoned town. Watch out for surprises at every turn though, as with unstable mines guarded by the Scorpion anything could happen – try not to get too close!”