ZUFARI update 02/03/2013

Quite possible our last ZUFARI update the ride opens here is the latest from Chessington’s new attraction for 2013. The ride is still coming on nicely and with the news this week that it won’t make the Annual Passholders day on the 16/17th March we had wondered if it would be ready. Yet some real signs of progress are under way and honestly what looks like final touches (albeit a lot of them) are going into place. They include grass, décor on the Giraffe House, fences, paths and plants all waiting or starting to go into place.

Yet there still comes some even better news…

As upon entering the park you notice that ZUFARI truck is no longer sitting there, neither is the one outside Wild Asia. Which made us believe they were now on site ready, so far we have only seen two of them although five is the rumoured amount to be at the park. But not only were they on site but there are in fact testing the route!

Both trucks were completing courses (presumably training) with the course lasting approx nine minutes (yes they may have been unseen factors but looked continuous) and it gives you a real idea of the trail in the distance. It also gives you an idea of the speed the trucks will take and indeed some of the more tricky condition’s added to the course. With a lot of attention on The Smiler this week let’s not forget that ZUFARI is also going to be a huge attraction! You can see a video of ZUFARI on our You Tube Channel, also join the conversation and like us on Facebook.

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