02/02/13 Zufari and Chessington close season update

We have another large Zufari and Chessington update for you today, with Zufari coming on very well. The path way from the village to the attraction is getting in place, with the track leading up to the bridges also now in place. It’s also become very apparent the route the track will take on the right of the attraction, with new scenery seen in the background including some strange wheels close to the Giraffe house. Fences around the Giraffe paddock would suggest they are let out most likely out of hours, although this can’t be confirmed.

DSC00304 DSC00305 DSC00306 DSC00309 DSC00312 DSC00313 DSC00314 DSC00315 DSC00321 DSC00322 DSC00323 DSC00324 DSC00325 DSC00326 DSC00362 DSC00364 DSC00365 DSC00368 DSC00373 DSC00374 DSC00376 DSC00379 DSC00381

In addition to Zufari the new Creaky Cafe has also opened this week, more stylish and much warmer the Creaky Cafe adds another indoor restaurant to the park. The main menu offers Jacket Potatoes not seen so much in the parks. The old Burger King is under going a huge front reface as part of the Burger Kitchen refresh. The Vampire/Bubbleworks shop has also had a complete re-fit inside ready for the new season.

DSC00338 DSC00339 DSC00340 DSC00342 DSC00344 DSC00346 DSC00350 DSC00351 DSC00352 DSC00353 DSC00354 DSC00355 DSC00356 DSC00357 DSC00358 DSC00359 DSC00360 DSC00361