Zufari update 03/01/2013

We thought we would have another Zufari update for you, this time not in the rain and with some high quality pictures in particular of every aspect of the truck. Giraffe house look ever more closer to completion and with a lot of ground work going on soon it should become apparent which route will be taken around the village.


P1070365 P1070367 P1070368 P1070371 P1070372 P1070378 P1070380 P1070381 P1070383 P1070384 P1070385 P1070387 P1070391 P1070395 P1070398 P1070402 P1070405 P1070463 P1070410 P1070408 P1070407 P1070406 P1070464 P1070465 P1070466 P1070467 P1070468 P1070475 P1070473 P1070471 P1070470 P1070469 P1070476 P1070477 P1070478 P1070480 P1070481 P1070482 P1070483 P1070484 P1070485 P1070486 P1070493 P1070492 P1070491 P1070489 P1070488 P1070496 P1070498 P1070499 P1070501 P1070502 P1070511 P1070510 P1070509 P1070508 P1070504 P1070474