Chessington Update 22/12/12 including Zufari

A wet and windy zoo day at Chessington turns up some new developments in the park and in particular in Zufari, with the trucks in and big progression in construction as seen below.

The Giraffe house looks complete with surely the animals arriving shortly, with we know the Rhinos are already in their new house. Rock and structures continue to go up, which you can see in the background. See the pictures below.


IMG642 IMG643 IMG641 DSC07785 DSC07784 DSC07777 DSC07776 DSC07775 DSC07774 DSC07760 DSC07754 DSC07757 DSC07758 DSC07759 DSC07753 DSC07751 DSC07750 DSC07747 DSC07746

In other news winter maintenance is going on around the park with various rides in many pieces, the big news comes from the removal of Burger King for a currently unknown replacement (EDIT see next post for news!) and the refurbish of the Transylvania Refresh into the new Creaky Cafe. The Creaky Cafe looks like it will fit the area much better and in addition be a fully enclosed place to take a break. Pictures below.

DSC07728 DSC07729 DSC07730 DSC07731 DSC07732 DSC07733 DSC07734 DSC07735 DSC07767 DSC07768