ZUFARI is the aptly named trek into Africa.

The area is home to just the ZUFARI attraction yet covers a massive 22 acres of the park as it takes you on a wild safari ride of the African environment. Flying Jumbos is also in the ZUFARI area.

In addition the area is host to all new animals, one in particular never seen at Chessington before as the White Rhino makes it’s debut. Returning to the park include the Giraffe and Flamingos which will be on the tour.

The area is wide open and attaches to Wanyama Village where the other African animals are located and has also incorporated the Flying Jumbos on the main entrance end.

No shops or snacks are available in the ZUFARI area, ZUFARI merchandise can be found on the exit to the Flying Jumbos in the Pharaoh’s Bazaar shop.
There are no toilets in ZUFARI. The closest toilet is located at the main entrance to the ZUFARI area, beside Tomb Blaster.
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