Into the wonderful themed world of Wild Asia, new in 2010, and the parks biggest investment since Land of the Dragons in 2004, welcome to the jungle!

And there is a lot going on, and a lot of rides! With Monkey Swinger, the Jungle Bus, Tuk Tuk Turmoil Dodgems, and Temple of Mayhem, already favourites, the newest ride is Kobra.

Kobra is a Mega Disko coaster, with riders travelling on a disk across a 90 metre section of track, twisting all the way, reaching height of 45 feet!

Also in the area (see Zoo guide) is the Lorikeet Lagoon, a aviary bird walk through, where you can get up and personal with some exotic birds.
There are no toilets in Wild Asia, the closest toilets are located just outside Wild Asia’s entrance, under Dragons Fury’s main turn.
Asian Ices
Maharaja’s Market
Ladder Climbing
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