Manufacturer: Arrows (Vekoma)
Height: 65 feet approx
Time: 3 minutes approx
Year Opened:
1990 (Re-themed for 2002)
On Ride Photo: Yes
Intensity: Brave Adventurers
Family Specific designed?:
Special Features:
Express Pass
You must be over 1.1 metres to ride the Vampire, if your under 1.3 metres, an adult will have to accompany. Over 1.96 metres will not be able to ride.
In addition a chest size limit of 51" applies.
Probably the most well known ride at Chessington, the Vampire is still a UK first roller coaster and is still an excellent roller coaster at that.

With unique features, like two lift hills and floorless trains, Vampire takes you around 3 + minutes of track swinging you from side to side, above and below the trees. The ride has now been made available for little adventurers with a 1.1 metre height limit, for this height Vampire is one of the more intense coasters around!

The ride may need a little TLC to get back up to scratch, but yet the Vampire is still an excellent ride. Its still considered one of the best themed stations in the UK and still has a lot to offer, the Vampire is higher regarded as Chessington’s best ride and this will probably stay there for years to come.
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