Welcome to Thorpe Park UK

Fright Nights 2014

Take a look back at the 13th Fright Nights, featuring the all new maze Studio 13.

Thorpe Park

Explore the Island of Endless Fun that is Thorpe Park.

Angry Birds Land

All new Angry Birds Land new for 2014!

On-Site Hotel

Somewhere new to stay at Thorpe Park in 2014, with great views of the waterfront!

So much to explore on site

The History

How much do you remember of Thorpe Park of old? It was only 13 years ago when the park didn't even have a ride to take you up-side-down, now it has some of the most inverted roller coasters in the world! Take a look back at the amazing Thorpe Park history.

Watch them build

Over the past 12 years Thorpe Park have added some major attractions to the line up of rides. Here you can visit some of the top constructions from the park over that time, including the recent Swarm and the icon Stealth!

Angry Birds Land

New for 2014 Angry Birds have invaded Thorpe Park with the all new Angry Birds Land! Taking over Detonator along with two new attractions Angry Birds 4D Experience and family based King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems, be prepared for battle!