The main dome area known as Port and Base Camp, formally Port Atlantis is obviously a popular area of the park as it is the first are you will come to once you have entered into the park. Location for many of the parks shops and eating areas, sweets, coffee and merchandise is among the few shops in the dome. In addition there is also a large screen inside, which is used for adverts and shows which they set-up just underneath the screen.

It is also home to most of the Ministry of Sound club nights at the park.
The Coffee Shack
Fins Bar and Grill
Sweet Shop
Disabled toilets
Nursing Mothers
Baby changing
Cash Point
Medical Centre

The toilets are under the dome.

Neptune's Chambers - Corporate
Ride Photo Collection Point
Sweets and Souvenirs - sweets, drinks and Souvenirs
Treasure Trove Shop - Gifts
Games Armada - Games area
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