Pirates Cove is another original area of the park, all be it with a different name and is home to the still impressive Black Buccaneer, a large swinging ship which would sit nicely in a thrill park. Also in Pirates Cove is the Sea Storm which is a small bumpy family ride.

Pirates Cove stared life as Smugglers Cove back in 1987, with the Black Buccaneer, then Smugglers Galleon the only ride in the area.

This stayed the same until 1995 when Sea Storm was put in, although the entrance is more in the Market Square the theme does relate to Pirates Cove.

Although perhaps not the best themed area due to it being too spread out and mixing into other areas, the two rides are both very popular.
There are no toilets in this area, the closest ones are between Market Square and Toy Town, next to the Gift Shop.
Captains Fish and Chips
Treasure Chest - Various stall games
Goal Striker
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