Another rich themed area is the Mystic East, an original area of the park it  opened with the park in 1987. Currently home to two rides, a Chessington  original Dragon Falls, the parks log flume and Peeking Heights which is a large Ferris Wheel looking over the park.

The area opened with Dragons River and the Magic Carpet, the magic Carpet was then replaced in 1999 with the mighty Samurai, a UK first ride which is still  highly regarded as one of the best thrill machines on earth.

With the closure of Samurai in 2003 due to the park changing its image, the ride was sent to Thorpe Park with Peeking Heights joining Mystic East in 2005, which was at Thorpe Park.
Cash Machine

Toilets are located opposite the Dragon Falls entrance.
Fresh Hot Donuts
Mystic Ices
Oriental Express
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