Opened in 2004, that was the Land of the Dragons. The area contains mainly children’s rides, with Canopy Capers, a tree house play area, Sea Dragons a slow moving ride, a playhouse and Griffins Galleon which is a small spinning boat type ride.

However the area is highlighted by Dragon’s Fury, the parks spinning roller coaster which travels around the outside of Land of the Dragons. One of the best rides of its type in the world Dragon’s Fury is very much for everyone!

The area itself was built into Toy Town, which had dominated the land for many years. Action Man was removed and Toadies Crazy Cars was shortened for Land of the Dragons to take shape, and with Dragon’s Fury it was all worth it!
Baby Changing

Toilets, including disabled, are located under Dragon Fury’s first main turn after the drop.
Original Sandwich Company
Explorer Ices (open weekends and holidays)
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