Harbour Park
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A small park on the south coast in Littlehampton, Harbour Park was once the park to be at in the south, with coasters and thrill rides the park has toned down over the past few years and the family adventures now remain. Located on one of the best beaches on the south coast people are naturally drawn to the area in the summer and the parks provides some down time with its rides, attractions, food and shops, although is more for the under 8. See Gallery: 2010

Value for money: 1/5
Quality of attraction 3/5

Seafront, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LH

Roller Coasters
Ocean Coaster (0.8m Min)
Family Attractions
Octo’s Flying Animals (0.9m Min)
Castle Slide (1.0m Min)
Dolphin Leap (1.0m Min)
Orca Whale Ride (0.90m Min)
Gallopers (No Min)
Thrill Rides
Whirlpool Waltzer (0.9m Min)
Water Chute (1.0m Min)
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