Welcome to Chessington UK

Winters Tail 2014

The Winters Tail at Chessington featuring an all new Grotto and a brand new stage show The Gruffalo!

Azteca Hotel NOW OPEN

Take a look at the latest hotel to come to the Resort in 2014.

Relive the Chessington History

The biggest collection of Chessington history found anywhere, relive all of the great Chessington years.

Howl'o'ween - 2014

Take a look back at the Howloween event for 2014, Chessingtons biggest event of the year!

There is so much more!

History of Chessington

Rich with History Chessington UK presents the most in depth look at Chessington's History you will find. If you are a fan of the park you won't want to miss this!


The biggest investment in many years "ZUFARI" is back for 2014 as you take track around the African Plains. Giraffes, Rhinos, Zebra and much more awaits your off road safari.

Halloween Hocus Pocus

Take a look back at Halloween Hocus Pocus, many years of Halloween fun before 2014 Howl'o'ween took over. Mazes and rides in the dark!


Perhaps one of the most popular areas to grace Chessington was Beanoland, with all the fun and mischief of Dennis the Menace and friends it was bright and colourful!