The Winter’s Tail hit Chessington for the winter of 2014, with grotto, arts and a brand new stage show the Gruffalo.

The all new Gruffalo show is the highlight as the Chessington staff put on a twenty minute show on the Africa stage (Madagascar) as they set off into the dark woods in search of an adventure. The show which is mainly for Children was enjoyable for all our family and featured several characters from the Christmas Robin, to Gruffalo himself. If the Gruffalo a scary monster? Of course not!

After the issues with last years Grotto in the Creaky Cafe, Chessington went and built a large Grotto area on the gree down by the Sea Lions. Featuring several encounters along the walk, the area was filled with decorations, Christmas trees, elves and of course the chance to meet Farther Christmas. This was by far the most Chessington had ever gone out for the Grotto and Christmas celebrations and it’s paid off, as not only does the area look very festive but so does the whole park.

Much like Halloween the festive theme continues into the Market Square, where a huge Christmas tree had been placed in the area, decorated with some festive blue lights!

It’s not just the Grotto and Gruffalo the park has opened for, with festive zoo days also in full flow you can also see the Lions, Tigers along with the parks Sea Life center and more. With the zoo also the park opened a few rides, with Carousel, Hocus Pocus Hall and Bubble Works all open for the event.
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