2011 sees the celebration of the parks number one roller coaster, and the ride that put Chessington on the map, the Vampire! The celebration, taking place for 21 days, saw the Twilight Zone come to the park, in a small maze to add some scares for the guests.

Located by the Fish and Chips (next to Black Buccaneer) the Twilight Zone was set in a crate, the same size as the Saw, or Thirteen shop, this instantly rings bells that its not going to be very big. Big it wasn’t, and whilst this is the case, it oddly had a lot of positives going for it, even if it wasn’t well executed on the day.

Once approaching the area, you are greeted by some theme on the outside, with smoke, the nets used during Hocus Pocus on the hall, as well as some Hocus Pocus spiders, rats and bats. The queue is simply, and always looks short, but don’t be fooled, its very long, with through put being limited, and only one group entering the maze at one time.

Once you are selected, you enter the door, and are greeted by the girl, who tells you not to go any further, while you are listening, you will notice how small it is inside, with areas and corridors being very tight, by no circumstances would mild claustrophobic people enter. It’s very dark, if your silly enough not yo use your arms to navigate, you will walk into something. After a few turns, you reach a dead end, where you are greeted by what has to be the Vampires wife, who tells you her husband is angry you are inside, he then jumps out from behind her, and you move on, more tight, small corridors before the exit.

Very strange attraction, with not a lot going on, but, on the other hand, you kind of feel this could really work. Sure there’s no action, and it’s not at all long, but the layout, make up, and the fact this is actually the scariest thing Chessington have tried, leaves you to believe that they could scare 8 year old yet!

The Bad

Poor through put, people seemingly taking forever to get through.
Which was strange as it was very short!
Nothing really happens…
Theming, including location of attraction, had nothing to do with the Vampire.

The Good

Something new for the park.
Make up for actors was very good, and they did play there parts well.
When comparing to even the top mazes, the very narrow corridors really work, add a different fright and mainly remains unseen in other parks.

Overall many seemed to be walking away very disappointed at the end, however there is a massive light at the end of the tunnel, and many positives, well done Chessington!
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