A collection of past events from over the years

On this page are a collection of Events the park has held over the past few years, remember, the main up-to-date event of Halloween Hocus Pocus all have there own pages.

2005/6 - Cartoon Network invaded the park, with Dexter and the Power puff girls on hand to teach and entertain the kids! Also Bubble week, and the football trails in June 2006.
2006 - First at Chessington in 2006 was Spiderman, new to the park in 2006, although not as in depth as Thorpe’s previous shows, it was very entertaining.
2006 - Next at Chessington in 2006 was Noddy, returning for a third year, this time he had his own show!
2006 - Next to come to Chessington in 2006 was Basil Brush, in his first outing, again had a feature long show
February 2013 - African Adventures sponsored by Madagascar 3 took over the park for half term with face painting, extra information and shows.
July 2013 - The Moshi Monsters invade the park, with puzzles, challenges and a chance to meet your favourite characters!
2007 - Chessington’s newest major event for 2007 is the Wild Factor, giving you a taste of Madagascar! The show in the market square demonstrates some great animals as part of a show, Macaw, Lemur, Skunk, ferret and more on view from areas all over the world. As per every Chessington show, this is well put together, massive content and great staff presenting, information is given on the animals, and the children in the crowd get the chance to vote for there favourite ones at the end. More is on at the park, with face painting, drawing and much more just inside the North Entrance, see pictures.
2009 - In 2009 the show stage was removed from Chessington, which meant there was very little in the way of shows, however what they classed as a summer attraction was the Ice Age 3 walk through, pictured below, this was to help promote Ice Age 3, Dawn of the Dinosaurs. To be fair, the walk through wasn’t great but did provide something new.
2011 - A very popular show in the form of Milkshake hit the park in summer 2011. Complete with all the favourite characters from the shows which are shown on Milkshake, including Little Princess and Mr Men. The show was obviously aimed at children, and being presented by the Milkshake crew was full of energy and interaction, possibly the best show I’ve see at the park!
2012-2013 - Winter Zoo Days are back at Chessington as the park decorates and puts on some winter shows for visitors. With the Zoo fully open between 10-3 a Christmas show, animal shows with shops and food outlets also open for the day. These are joined by Hocus Pocus Hall and Bubbleworks.
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