The Mystic East Carnival came to Chessington in 2011, with colourful displays, and something different around every corner, there was something for all the family. With the special guest PO from Kung Fu Panda making an appearance.

This has been advertised heavily by the park, and does again bring something very different to the park, with the obvious plug for Kung Fu Panda 2 aside, Children (including mine) absolutely loved what was on offer. First there was free face painting, Panda style in Mystic East between 11-3, very quick, with little to no queues was a great touch by the park, then ideally with your painted face, you can head over by the Dragon Falls entrance and meet PO, in his massive Panda suit!

In addition to this the park also invited a local Martial Arts class to come and perform at the park during the festival, this giving a great taste of the art in action, with various shows throughout the day, also involving weapons, located in the Market Square, this proved to be very popular (can been seen on the videos)

In addition the gathering of drum players for a one off in Wanyama Village, and the decoration of Mystic East itself proved the event to be very popular with the public, a great mix of family and children entertainment, all included in the entrance.
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