Fright Nights returned for 2014 backed by Lionsgate and the mazes which made there debut in 2013, Cabin in the Woods, My Bloody Valentine, Blair Witch Project along with Saw Alive. However 2014 saw a new maze come to the park with the opening of Studio 13, replacing the controversial Asylum.

To avoid repeating on last years review, not a lot had changed with the existing mazes for 2014, with Cabin in the Woods, Blair Witch Project and Saw Alive remaining the same. A small lay out change to My Bloody Valentine didn’t see enough changes to shout out about.

Studio 13 was the new experience, with Thorpe Park celebrating 13 years of Fright Nights (only covered here) the Director was behind the Studio 13 as you venture onto a film set and see what’s been left. Once you have queued and entered the building, the first thing you will notice in the corridor was posters of all the previous mazes that have graced the park as you head down to the reception area. Here you are greeted to the Studio before you are suddenly left alone to enter.

Once inside you are stopped for a “picture” before the actors start to turn on you. From here you head off into the studio, with the usual tight turns, sudden actors, strobe lights and smoke along the way. At the end, much like the Asylum you are chased by a guy with a chainsaw out of the building.

Inside the maze moves at quite a fast pace and the abandoned film sets as you go round aren’t as detailed as we hoped they would be, a few film rolls, blood splatter add to the effects but the maze is heavily reliant on the actors, who for there part were very good. I was lucky enough to get stopped at the “picture” section and held by one of the actors, from here I had to complete the experience on my own through out the whole maze. For me it added to the tension as you got everyone attention when going through the “sets”.

However on talking to the group many were disappointed with the parks latest effort, with some scenery not up to the standard expected from a new maze and for many of them not the scares the Asylum previous was so good in getting. Room for improvement yes but not the worst maze the park has had.

The event was very busy, not helped on our visit by some shocking ride availability, with Stealth, Samurai, Colossus among the rides closed for the day with several breakdowns causing issues. The mazes were of good quality generally with Cabin in the Woods again the stand out maze.