Fright Nights was back with a bang in 2008, with live action maze Se7en returning to Thorpe Park, those without sin may enter but be warned, this disturbing look into the seven deadly sins takes a whole new twist in 2008, with all new light and music effects already adding to a truly tormenting experience. Walk through the corridors of Hellgate, and watch out for the souls living within, another live action maze, with surprises around every corner… NEW FOR 2008 – Dormant for 50 years, a washed up ship wreck on Amity Beach reveals a crime scene from the depth of the water, but will you be heading to the watery grave with The Curse? Perhaps the most chilling experience ever is the Asylum, a maze with dead ends and often no ends, with in mates who aren’t your friends, and don’t want you inside, you have been warned… Also coming in 2008, is the new Circus of Horrors show, Apocalypse, with all new acts some never seen in the UK!

Hellgate – Running for another year is Hellgate and probably feels the best so far, as you take a walk through hell in corridors, you can bet there will be someone around every corner, and if you can’t see them they will be grabbing your legs and ankles. Designed for sheer fright Hellgate very much delivers, although quite light inside there is many hiding places and much to look at while you travel around. It also still makes use of the old X tunnel to walk through, great maze, well worth the wait.

Seven – Based on the seven deadly sins Seven isn’t really there to fright as much, but some will find it very disturbing. Rather than trying to make you jump Seven places you in what will probably be your worst nightmare, graphically it seems to have been toned down slightly, with some scenes lacking, lighting is better this year, with a particularly good ultraviolet moment in one of the corridors, but this attraction could be much better with some of the scenes just feeling, well dead space. Some it will disturb, others it won’t.

The theme in the park was around this year, above pictures from Canada Creek with Loggers Leap getting the best treatment of any ride, with loads added throughout. In the gallery showing Nemesis Inferno, the station of X:/ No Way Out and a small skull area in the Stealth queue line.

The Curse – New for 2008 is the Curse, as a crime scene ship lays to rest on Amity Cove Beach, you get to take a personal tour of the ship yourself. Much like other mazes, groups of 8 enter hands on shoulders as you walk through the wreck. This maze isn’t like the others as it relies more on special effects than live actors, yes they are too in there, but models, lights and sounds are triggered as you walk round. It is dark, probably darker than all the other mazes so you have to have your wits about you, it also uses the most smoke out of the mazes which although reveals the sensors, does also leave you disorientated. There are some nice scenes, diver in the water, squashed bodies up against the walls and various areas of death on the ship. Although not the best maze in the park, it does look quite nice inside, and upon second time round there is more to look at than you’ll notice in one visit.

Asylum – Still the best maze in the park the Asylum takes you through the world’s worst, well Asylum! Constant strobe lights, many inmates hanging from the walls, ceilings, behind walls, behind fences, simply everywhere! This is the most frightening maze by far, and I don’t want to give much away!