Fright Nights were back for perhaps the biggest event to date in 2010, with all the four key mazes returning, Se7en, Hellgate, Asylum and the Curse. Putting the mazes aside, they really didn’t change in 2010, so to avoid the long repetitive write up, check out last years coverage.

However moving on, the park had extra this year, some good, some bad. With the Saw Alive maze even though it had been open all year, really feels like it comes to life during the dark Fright Nights and unlike many, I really enjoyed the Saw Alive maze. Although the detail could be slightly better, the lighting, the atmosphere and the style really is quite frightening, and adds something extra to the Fright Night line-ups.

New just for the event was the Terror Zone walk through, not something you had to queue for, which was good as it was easily the worst attraction I experienced at any park ever (sorry Thorpe) The walk through consisted of a lot of old fixtures and fittings from the park, haunted past of Thorpe as you walked through, various characters, in shocking make-up, and I say that taking into account the excellent work done in other mazes. This maze provided nothing other than a short cut to Vortex from Rush. It’s such a shame, although I quite enjoyed looking at the old Thorpe things, I can’t remember anything of the attraction it was so bad yet potential is there, hopefully 2011 will see better planning and better execution of this attraction.

On the other side of the coin the Time Voyagers Cinema become home to Barry and Stuart, with there amazing clever act, if you haven’t heard of them just type them into Google. There act was obviously shortened for the Thorpe Park audience but included some great super natural/magic moments, and was easily the highlight of the day.

So overall, the biggest event to date was a good success, however looking forward, I believe Thorpe Park are now at a point where at least two of the mazes need to change for this year, Thorpe rely on repeat business and most have been and seen this before, taking into account Alton Towers change there’s including Terror of the Towers (not last year though) every other year, something different needs to come out of Thorpe in 2011. For 2010 this was a solid fun event.