For the second year Thorpe Park opens its gates late in the season for Fright Nites, a time to gather and be scared out of your wits for a long period of the day, and this year there was much more on offer, and a massive improvement on last year. Opening for 12 noon till 11pm you go deep into the night for 7 days to get to experience some of the best times of the season. The extras that the park put on are in the form of two mazes, the Freak show 3D, and the Freezer, both very different, and in the dark. The other was the transformation of Pirates 4D into The Ultimate Movie Collection, which includes scenes from The Haunting, The Birds, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Ring.

Freak show 3D – Take your 3D glasses and make your way into the Maze, with paintings all over the wall the decorations are superb, constant bright images that are very impressive. But that’s not all, watch out for the people in the maze who hide and blend in very well, they don’t just come out in front of you, watch out behind you too!

Freezer – Totally different to the Freak show enter and walk around a chamber like area with mirrors, strobe lights, and many dead looking things. Being in the dark with only strobe light you can believe when someone pops out in front of you, that you don’t know its coming!

Ultimate Horror Show – Mixed reactions to this, new for 2003 Pirates 4D becomes the Horror Movie Zone, which starts off with moments from the Birds, which, wasn’t the best opening. They then move onto The Ring, with early footage of the movie, this is before moving onto nothing but a trailer for The Haunting. Back to the ring the obvious part at the end that they should show…… They didn’t (possible because of the no age cert) and showed a little bit after. Then finally moving onto the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which most people found funny, before a more unexpected moment. After the end of the Chainsaw part, the movie looks like its chewed up, and an announcement that there were difficulties come over, after a few moans it become clear that its part of the show, as the strobe lights hit and someone with a chainsaw come running down the isle. Unexpected yet entertaining ending.