Run for just the two days this year, fireworks came to Thorpe Park again for the first time since 2007. Blow it Up was the name and fireworks was the game! But a big finale this year came with the “Blow it Up” as they look to advertise The Swarm in a big way for 2012.

Anyway back to the display, a slightly different approach this year in the term it was more than just the fireworks. The show kicked off with 3 different stage areas for fire shows by Stealth, Storm Surge and Tidal Wave where you can gather round and watch very close some great artists with there fire! Three shows all before the actual event gets going with slightly different performances through out the different stage areas from close calls to eating a good entertaining start to the show.

From here you head down to the plaza area where the “celebrity” Guy Falkes is shown as a massive Jedward! And half an hour before the show it was raised over the lake and after a few fireworks around the base was set on fire, funny and all very harmless for the people who were kicking off over it.

Then came the fireworks event which lasted around 10 minutes. Packed full of all kinds of different fireworks in addition to the main lake display they were also set off from the car park area over the lake. Fireworks are best described with the pictures!

After the fireworks many hadn’t noticed the burning Jedward had been replaced over the lake with a suspended fire engine. As the fireworks finished the sirens came on saying that we were under attack before the fire engine was lit up in the sky, and the count down began as the lights started to flash. It then exploded, a few times ending with a massive bang followed by an advert for The Swarm in 2012. Overall this was the best fireworks I have attended at the park, and obvious the finale was heavily based (in case no one had noticed it) on The Swarm in 2012. Was a good start to the event with the fire shows, the fun Jedward burning, the display followed by the explosion ended the season on a much high for the park. It wasn’t the busiest of days and everyone seemed to very much enjoy the show.