Welcome to Thorpe Blast 2008! For the first year in a long time Thorpe went out the season with a bang, literately! With the park open from 10 am to 8 pm, there was plenty of chance to not only experience the rides, but also get treated to the fireworks at 7 pm.

Large speakers are put in position across the lake area, with the main fireworks being held from the lake, the large platform which was visible from the edge come alive, in what was a huge 12 minute plus display, fireworks were also set off from the sides this year, making it a more sky filled display (where last years was quite low) All rides along the water front closed during the display, as too the bridge.

Much like last year, some top tunes were played for the music, including fire starter, rule the world, and can’t stop moving, all very well linked with the fireworks. This was a huge event for Thorpe to go out on, and the park didn’t disappoint, well organised, huge display, and not many issues with the display.