Welcome to Thorpe Blast 2007! For the first year in a long time Thorpe went out the season with a bang, literately! With the park open from 10 am to 8 pm, there was plenty of chance to not only experience the rides, but also get treated to the fireworks at 7 pm.

Based around music tunes, the fireworks party kicked off around the park early, with music taking over the parks PA system from about 1 pm, with loud music playing all over the park, the vibe was excellent. Viewing areas were set up with large speakers from the Zodiac entrance area, right the way up to the second Colossus in-line, with a good chance of seeing the whole event. Although one of the best places to watch, the bridge, was closed for 20 minutes during the event, with Colossus also closing for that time.

A lot of the fireworks were kept low, not as many large high bang ones that you may expect from a fireworks display, not to say it was poor in any way, but you certainly need to be in the park to get the best out of the experience. Check out the pictures and a video below of the whole event.