A lot of advertising went into the Freedom Weekender at Thorpe Park and why not? It’s a big event! The park went all out between the 1st and 4th of September to transform the park from everyday to special days, with extra events, live bands and new games. But was it worth it….. Of course!

The first thing the park had to do, was advertise what was going on, for this, just for the weekend, they created a new map! All in Playstation Freedom style, making it more collectors edition! To get you there, Website advertising, TV advertising, and Radio advertising, and of course, have something to advertise about! Large bands joined the act, with two live stages by Nemesis Inferno, and Colossus, and for the lucky ones who won tickets, a gig by Faithless after hours.

I attended the Sunday event, which was supposed to be the busiest of the weekend, this is due to Razorlight and Feeder playing. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as busy as what I thought, which was great news, every ride was also open (although a lot of downtime around the park) Wonderful hot day, and open 9.30am till 7pm! T4 Was also broadcasting live from the park nearly the whole of the day, filming could be seen on the beach and in the T4 Bus.

Events put on included Break dancing inside the Dome, Sing Star in the Ranger Showcase area, also a portable one down by Rumba Rapids, Sumo Suits, Beach Parties, in which PS2’s and PSP’s were given away, and also private events were on.

Obviously one of the main pulls to the park was Razorlight and Feeder playing, two stages had been set up by Nemesis Inferno and Colossus, in honest, neither of which were very accessible for the amount of people that wanted to see, but oddly enough, for the amount of people cheering, no one seemed to notice the bands strolling around the park all day, ignored by all!

Overall it was a great day, well done to the park for securing the event for the weekend! Excellent staff, security, Just a little more planning on where the stages go next time!