I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here, the brand new attraction for 2015 at Thorpe Park opened fully to the public on 27/03/15, although Thorpe Park UK (Theme UK) were lucky enough to attend their press event the night before.

Thorpe Park opened their doors last night to well know sites, media companies, television companies and of course some celebrities! Most of these include people who have been in the actual jungle, the celebrities consisted of – Katie Price, Pat Sharp, the cast of The Only Way is Essex, Nicola Mclean, Tamsin Outhwaite, Matt Edmonson, David Hayes and plenty more.

All the media teams and press all had a separate booth in which we could try some actual jungle critter food and mingle with other people. We also had a certain time in which the press and celebrities could enter together and get straight in. This means we could enjoy the rest of the park and their great rollercoaster’s before we got to experience their new attraction.

The park was also open to annual pass holders if you had bought a ticket, now although there were plenty of press there and annual pass holders the park was still incredibly quiet. The rides which were open for the evening included;- Stealth, Colossus, Saw The Ride, Nemesis Inferno, The Swarm, Flying Fish, Mr Monkeys Banana Ride, Angry Birds Land, X and even Rush made a special appearance at the end of the night. All these were practically walk on, with the longest time we waited around 2 minutes.

Getting onto the new attraction itself ‘I’m A Celebrity Get me out of Here!’ throws guests into the jungle, having to complete bush-tucker trials to gain access into the next rooms and the eventually finding your way out to freedom.

From the outside, the queue line is pretty basic. With a small fence wrapping round for guests and small parts of theme throughout, this included tables, picnic baskets and rocking chairs. The exterior of the attraction is made to look sort of like a hut with a lookout on type, there is a small mini to the side of this, hidden by some branches and leaves, it also has a union jack top. This is obviously to symbolise I’m a Celeb maze coming to the UK. There is a small bridge to start with that takes you to the front door.

When you reach the door you will meet your first live actor within the maze, they are here to give you a brief rundown on what is going to happen inside and health and safety concerns, they will then guide you inside where you will meet another actor. Here you will take a seat and come face to face with Ant and Dec themselves (through a screen!) and they will tell you exactly what is going to happen and try to assure you everything will be OK!

After this you get moved along to have your picture taken, a very good idea as it sets a jungle theme around with Ant and Dec standing either side. The only small downfall was that the green screen behind you is very small so some people end up getting a bit chopped off. Never the less we got the photo as it was a great souvenir for the evening!

As you head deeper into the jungle you will see the interior is very well thought out, with clothes and belongings of the camp mates living inside. As you head round the corner you will come across ‘Rina Tina Turner’ one of the Queens of the Jungle! She will explain to you why she is there and what you may come across in the depths of the jungle. Once she has spoken to you for a short while she leads you over the bridge leading over the camp. The bridge also has some good effects on as well, with it shaking and a vibration on the floor to make it feel like it isn’t safe whilst you are crossing it.

Official Pictures

As you reach the end of the bridge you will say goodbye to the camp mate you met at first and you will reach another. Here you will experience your first bush-tucker trial ‘Holey Moley’. The camp mate will explain to you exactly what you need to do, but if you and your whole team do not do it then you will not have access to the next room.

Within this room the most obvious thing is the large rock right in the middle of the room, you will see that around this rock there are numerous holes at different heights. Each member of your team is required to put their hand in their rock hole and press the button inside it, when you have done this a light will come up as green above your hand. Each one of our teams holes where all different, with some feeling furry, hard and some even wet and getting all over our clothes! This task really does create fear in everyone and gets everyone’s adrenaline running by not knowing what they are going to touch inside.

After your team have got all their light up you will be guided through a secret rock passage through the wall leading you onto the next trial. Now you will recognise this one as soon as you see it. ‘Chamber of Horrors’ is where you will each step into your own chamber. In this chamber you will see three buttons on the right hand side all lit with A, B and C on them, you will also have speakers inside so you can hear. You are asked two questions; you can also see these on the screens outside of your chambers. The screens will tell give you a countdown and also tell you when to answer your question, if you are wrong or to slow you will get sprayed in a flurry of bugs and dirt. After the two questions are up, you then walk behind you and push the heavy doors in front you open leading you out. I think maybe it would heighten the experience if there were one or two more questions asked, by the time you have got excited and understood the game it is time to leave again, but we were always excited to find out what was in the next room.

After this you are then led through a couple small corridors by another camp mate, these corridors are covered with trees and also one room is covered in cobwebs, although no spiders were in sight! After the corridors to go any further you have to get on your hands and knees to crawl through a very small tunnel with dirt all over it, there is no other way so you have to do it!

At the end of this tunnel you will then meet another camp mate living inside, the room you are in is very dark and the sound effects are very loud with wind, thunder and lightning.  The camp mate tells you that before you can go any further you need to have a medical exam, she makes all of your team open their mouths and say ‘Ah’ the camp mate then comes round and shines a torch in each of your mouths. She will pick someone out and say that their breath isn’t at its best! You will then be hurried through a small corridor into your next trial.

‘Cruelty Towers’ this trial is set around a decorated room with numerous pictures of actual camp mates from the show. The camp mate in this room will show you a quick clip on the TV in front of you, this video will show you exactly what you need to do and how long you have to do it. Basically you have 60 seconds to find an escape from the room and get out!

Now I thought that we would have to find maybe a clue or a key, but after a few seconds a door to the left just opens and you walk straight through it. Bit of a shame really because that room they add quite a lot more.

From this room, you again go through a small corridor but this time to get out of this you are shoved between two giant inflatable cushions and have to squeeze your way through the tight turns through these.

When you finally escape these cushions you are in your final trail ‘Celebrity Cyclone!’ you will meet your final camp mate. In this room you hear some very loud effects again, with wind thunder but also added into this is the lightning with the lights flashing to give it that extra effect. When you look around you are in a large room with the whole center being covered by a net, at the end of this net you will see a large screen with 5 stars on them counting down, and underneath this screen you will see five large yellow buttons. You and your team then have to run (or crawl on your hands and knees!) under the net on a very steep gradient going up. Whilst you running up the camp mate will be throwing objects at you to try and put you off, there are also two large fans at the top blowing extreme winds at you. After you and your team have pushed all the buttons you are then hurried into a small slide and when you get to bottom you are crowned the Jungle King or Queen and have survived all the bush-tucker trials!

Getting to bottom you are greeted a number of camp mates who tell you are now the new queen or king of the jungle and you have an opportunity to sit in the I’m a Celebrity chair and have a photo opportunity.

We thoroughly enjoyed the new attraction at Thorpe Park and were very grateful to experience it before it opened fully..

The attraction itself was great fun, with no dead spots and just the right amount of live actors inside. The trails inside get the heart pounding and the excitement levels right up. The interior of the attraction is fantastic with such detail being put even into the little things which people will notice. It is a great addition to Thorpe Park and certainly an all round attraction in which you will be able to take the whole family into and enjoy together. It leaves the question also, what is happening for Fright Nights? Will they turn I’m A Celeb more sinister and where will all the mazes be places with this taking over the space which house Asylum and Studio 13 and the new dark ride taking over what used to be Experiment 10 and My Bloody Valentine.