Another unique ride to hit the UK is Rush, a giant, powered swing ride!

Sitting in rows of eight, thirty two people get on two arms and are moved using compress air at heights up to sixty five feet plus! With speeds of over 30 m.p.h. unlike a normal swing using just compress air takes just 3 swings your at maximum height!

The ride is excellent fun, and with just a lap bar gives you the real feeling that your swinging with little to keep you in place. The ride is a must ride and should not be missed for anything.

Theme UK has the first ever video taken of Rush in motion, as well as pictures which can be found in the features section.


Height: 65 feet
2 mins approx
S&S Power INC
On Ride Photo?
Year Opened:
Extreme Thrills

Guests must be over 1.3 metres to ride Rush. (chest and size restrictions also apply)

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