One of Thorpe Parks greatest rides has become an instant classic since its debut in 2001, Vortex will spin your world around!

Sitting in eight sets of four seats in a circle, you are swung from side to side up to 60 feet in the air, but if that’s not enough the ride rotates while its swinging creating a real different experience.

With your legs dangling the floor lowers and the ride moves into its own world, whilst it’s swinging from side to side may not look much, once your on this you’ll see what all the hype is about.

Vortex will always remain popular mainly due to its size and status in the park, and even with the similar Rush, Vortex will remain an already classic.


Height: 60 feet
1 min 30 seconds approx
On Ride Photo?
Year Opened:
Extreme Thrills

You must be over 1.4 metres to ride Vortex. Guests with chest measurements approaching 51 inches may be unable to ride.

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