The Samurai ride type could possibly be the most intense ride you’ll ever go on, six arms of five people per pod are lifted into the air before being spun by the main arm of the ride and all the arms themselves.

The pods are then free to move in any motion that the ride sets and could leave you hanging upside down for most of the ride!

Samurai is a hand full but don’t worry, its not run to its full potential, the half its run at is plenty for the guests that ride it and it will still pack a punch.

A super intense ride, one of the best at the park and is not something to miss out on. Sit on the outside for the thrill ride, sit closer on the inside for beginners.


Height: 50 feet
2 mins approx
Manufacturer: Mondial
On Ride Photo?
Year Opened:
2004 (1999 to 2003 at Chessington World of Adventures)
Extreme Thrills

Guests must be over 1.4 metres to ride Samurai. Guests approaching 51 inch chest measurements may not be able to ride.

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