Take a walk on the wild side and compete in some of the famous trails to earn yourself a star. Including such famous trails as Catacombs of Doom and the Chambers of Horror, and the Celebrity Cyclone finale! You will need to be brave, as there is some very disturbing holes to put your hand in which are full of damp, wet and lumpy liquids on your quest for task completion.

Whilst in the Chambers you will be treated to two questions from Ant and Dec, even if you get each one right only the person who answers in the fastest time will be spared a potential shower from above, or a small tickle around the legs so make sure you are quick!

In the finale you will need to crawl under the on the Cyclone and hold 5 buttons between you until the timers runs out.Water sparys and balls are used to put you off before you final descend down the slide to the finish. A great family attraction!


Length: 8 mins approx
In House
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Year Opened:
Family Friendly

There is no height restriction for I’m a Celebrity, although it is recommended for over 8’s.

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