Detonator is still one of the most feared rides in the park, yet its such a simple concept. Detonator is a  simple drop tower ride, the cable pulls you up 100 foot before dropping you to the ground, but why is it so feared?

Well Detonator catches a lot of people out by being so powerful, not only does the ride drop you but it also pushes you down from above creating a much greater force than your standard drop tower, it may be short but is a very effective ride.

Don’t be fooled it may not look to bad, but once your at the top your wish you weren’t!

The added spice of some Angry Birds theme as Detonator was added to Angry Birds Land in 2014.


Height: 115 feet (100ft drop)
Up to 75km/h
On Ride Photo?:
Year Opened:
Extreme Thrills

Guests must be over 1.3 metres to ride Detonator: Bombs Away. Guests with chest measurements approaching 51 inches may be unable to ride.

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