Angry Birds Land

Angry Birds came to Thorpe Park in 2014, consuming Detonator and adding two new rides to the lineup! Formally part of Calypso Quay the area used to be home to both Pirates 4D and Time Voyagers. Now the unused cinema will be re-opened with an all new Angry Birds 4D experience, with the birds coming to life like never before.

Also joining the lineup is a new family Dodgems ride in King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems, located where the games used to be opposite the Cinema and the new Peckish outlet this will increase the size of the area which is yet another step in the family direction for the park.

Shops, Food and Games

Peckish – Hot Dogs
Flock N Shop – Angry Birds shop

Pigs and Ladders
Battle Beam


None in Angry Birds Land

The closest toilets are located next to Thorpe Mega Store in Amity Cove.

Rides and Attractions

Detonator: Bombs Away


Angry Birds 4D

Angry Birds Land

King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems


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