Rameses Revenge is Chessington biggest Thrill Ride and is also one of the oldest thrill ride in the park, opened back in 1995 of recent years Rameses has been re-stored to a glorious look and is still one of the most popular rides in the park.

Located in Forbidden Kingdom Rameses has you sitting on a gondola while the ride rotates round in a 360 motion, from this the gondola can be locked or swing freely, allowing for multiple spins and multiple inversion moments.

There is an added bonus to Rameses where he gets his revenge, held in a forward position you are lowered into water fountains and drenched from head to toe! Although the last four seats on either side do stay dry. Rameses still remains a great ride for the park and with the park running it on different programs, the chances are you’ll get the chance to experience different rides each time you go on.

Surrender your senses, Vengeance is mine.


Manufacturer: Huss
40 feet +
2 minutes approx
Year Opened:
On Ride Photo:
Brave Adventurer

You must be over 1.4 metres to ride Rameses Revenge, Maximum height is 1.96 metres applies. In addition a chest size limit of 51″ applies.

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