A rough sea adventure awaits the riders who dare to climb on board the Sea Storm!

Sat in one of twenty boats you will travel round the ride, constantly moving up and down to give you the feeling your at sea. That’s not all, once you’re on the seas you could end up spinning around not knowing where your going!

The ride is a rough ride but not uncomfortable and the family will just love it, with the children taking the step to help them move up to the faster rides.

The ride is good to look at too, with some basic yet very effective theme allowing you to really get into the ride. Sea Storm is something the family will enjoy and can enjoy together.


Manufacturer: Mack
2 minutes approx
Year Opened: 1995
On Ride Photo:
Family Adventurers

Guests need to be a minimum height of 0.9 metres to ride Sea Storm, guests under 1.1 metres must be accompanied by an adult.

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