Soar into the skies on this “Wave Swinger” ride known as Monkey Swinger, this is no ordinary ride!

Take a seat on this giant swinging chair ride as you are lifted into the sky to soar and swing through the air lifting you up and down as you travel round, if the height and pace isn’t enough for you there is also an element of surprise…

As water suddenly comes into play! Watch the seats very carefully some stay dry but some get very wet!

One for the brave adventurers be advised the 1.2 metre height restriction isn’t the lowest on offer in the park, it could be the case that children just at that height can feel insecure in the small chairs on their own. That being said if you are brave enough to take on the Monkey Swinger then the ride is excellent fun!


Manufacturer: Zierer
Height: 30-35 feet approx
Time: 2 minutes approx
Year Opened: 2010
On Ride Photo: No
Intensity: Brave Adventurers
Previous Names:
Billy’s Whizzer

Guests need to be a minimum height of 1.2 metres to ride Monkey Swinger. In addition a chest size limit of 51″ applies. This ride features water.

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