Get ready for some views of Wild Asia as you take a seat on the Jungle Bus!

Peaking at about 15 feet this children’s ride is is one that never fails to impress the little adventurers in the park, once seated the bus it will lift you into the air over the top and back down again in a swinging style motion.

Something to note is that the ride goes over from the off, no swinging is involved in this ride. Also if your looking to put your child on it feel safe the fact that the ride picks up no speed through it’s duration, whether going up, over, or back down again this attractions is very much suitable for children. Be warned if you accompany your child its a tight squeeze for an adult!


Manufacturer: Zamperla
Height: 15 feet approx
Time: 2 minutes approx
Year Opened: 2010
On Ride Photo: No
Little Adventurer
Previous Names: Bash Street Bus

Guests need to be a minimum height of 0.9 metres to ride, guests under 1.1 metres must be accompanied by an adult. Maximum height is 1.96 metres, In addition a chest size limit of 51″ applies.

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