Easily the best themed ride at Chessington (and has been for a long time) Tomb Blaster takes you into the heart of Forbidden Kingdom and lets you lose with laser guns into the Tomb.

Travelling through the tomb you will encounter mummy’s, snakes, tombs, spikes and much more. Gather a score as you go round by shooting the coloured lights. Competing against each other the ride features an on-ride camera which prints your score for you to keep! The ride itself is in the dark although it is a family attraction young children may be scared of the ride, beware that smoke and light effects are used inside the building.

Lots of history behind the ride which starting off life as the 5th Dimension, the ride was changed to the Terror Tomb in 1994 both of which had top story lines. Tomb Blasters only let down is the fact it has no story line, but with the addition of laser guns and quality themed this is a ride you will want to experience again!

With a new lease of life in 2016 Tomb Blaster has been refitted inside with new guns, targets and scoring system.


Manufacturer: Mack/Farmer Studios
6 minutes approx
Year Opened:
On Ride Photo:
Family Adventurers
Family Specific designed?:
Previous Names:
5th Dimension, Terror Tomb, Forbidden Tomb

Persons under 1.1 metre tall must be accompanied by an adult. Tomb Blaster is a family attraction, however can be scary for children under 5. In addition a chest size limit of 51″ applies.

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